Are you thinking about switching to a VoIP phone system? Researching VoIP systems’ features and  finding the right phone system for your business  can feel daunting. We will provide a succinct overview of how VoIP systems work and what benefits you will realize by using VoIP for your business, and key factors you should consider when choosing a VoIP provider. 

Join Ooma expert Mark Maxwell, Director, SMB Product Management, who will discuss tips on how to choose the best VoIP phone system with confidence.

Here’s what you will learn throughout the webinar:

  • Key business communications needs that companies have today and in the future 
  • What VoIP is and how it brings greater flexibility and mobility to your business
  • How different types of businesses are benefiting from VoIP
  • What criteria to look for in a VoIP provider for your business 
  • How your Internet connectivity affects VoIP performance